Shortcut is now a Google Cloud Partner  in Application Development

Marcus Goplen | 15 November, 2019

If you’re looking for advanced solutions and services in a particular area, look for a Google Cloud partner with a Specialization or an Expertise.

It can be difficult to gauge the quality of a vendor in advance — to know if they have the technical know-how and experience to help you address your business challenges. That’s why Google has done the legwork for you.

Partners with a Specialization undergo a rigorous technical capability assessment with a proven methodology — demonstrating their abilities to design, build, migrate, test, and operate a solution for a customer. Our people have been through this the last months and it´s a great achievement to be recognized after going through the technical assessments. Shortcut thrive to be industry-leading in app development and becoming specialized is an approval stamp of being one of the leaders in the Nordic market.

Partner Specialization

Being able to become a Google Cloud partner is one thing. You need to invest in people, knowledge, and resources. Becoming specialized is one of the greatest achievements for a Google Cloud partner these days. You have 11 different specialization tracks where partners can show their expertise and become recognized by Google for their knowledge, deliveries and certified experts.

Today Shortcut has been verified by GCP as specialists focused on Application Development. We achieved this after only one year as a Google Cloud partner, therefor it was pretty natural path to choose as we have 50+ app developers. For Shortcut, this has been a great starting point to focus on the cloud market. We are very excited to follow this journey and tackle other specializations in the near future.

To become specialized in Application Development, we as a Google Cloud partner need to show expertise, proficiency, and deep knowledge around building various apps in Google Cloud. We undergo a rigorous technical assessment, employ certified experts, demonstrate repeatable customer success, and we need to have a business plan to show further investment in the area of Specializations.


Certified Google Cloud Shortcutters

Shortcut holds 13 certified Google Cloud Professionals today and we are still counting. We plan to have several more certified people before the end of Christmas.

Partners with Expertise and Specializations have employees trained, tested, and certified on their proficiency with Google Cloud products and solutions.

For Shortcut, it´s not only important to show the world that our people are great. We invest in our people by making the path to new technologies and knowledge motivating, and easier to explore. Shortcut is building the best people in the market and letting our people walk new roads within technology.


“Bring your big ideas to life with the help of the cloud. Shortcut can help you use the best of Google Cloud Platform to build and manage cloud-native business apps.”






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