How Remote Healthcare Systems might change everything

Dennis Høier Hoel
Dennis Høier Hoel | 31 March, 2020
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The Corona-virus outbreak is significantly impacting people who regularly seek medical attention due to chronic diseases and other illnesses. Dignio's remote care solution is the solution our healthcare system needs.

Ready, Set, Remote Healthcare

Like many other facets of society, we’re seeing the reality of how existing solutions and infrastructures work. Upon reviewing the strengths and weaknesses of our healthcare system - it has become clear that society is both ready and in need of a digital solutions that in one way or another relieves our healthcare system.

Dignio, a 10 year old company originally started in Norway allow patients and doctors to connect remotely to ensure an appropriate follow up on the patient’s condition using advanced data and methods.

We spoke with Head of Engineering, Thomas W. Johansen who said:

“... I'm thinking that there are many facets of our solution that can relieve the healthcare system - especially in municipalities with great distances.”


They  specialize in Remote Healthcare Systems and their solution takes the shape of two apps.

  1. The patient-faced app, MyDignio, comes pre-installed on a tablet issued by Dignio along with other clinically approved hardware. The patient use the app to automatically synch important health data and speak with their doctors.
  2. The Healthcare-personnel faced app, DignioPrevent, allows doctors to review insightful and actionable medical data of individual patients and tailor personal and appropriate follow-up sessions regardless of medical conditions.

Healthcare professionals are also able to respond quickly to a patient's condition if abnormalities around the fluctuation limits to data such as blood pressure and oxygen saturation are detected. In a worst case scenario, they can even issue an ambulance to the patient’s residence.

Soaring attention

Thomas explains how even before Covid-19, Remote Healthcare Systems experienced a steadily growth of attention. However, in the light Covid-19, they're put five years ahead of time "attentionwise."

Like any other company with rapidly growing attention, they’re facing more traffic and new deadlines.

Right now we’re talking about what we can deliver tomorrow, not the coming two months.”

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) coming up

At the time of the interview (20.03.20), their most functional app is running on iOS. There is an Android version as well, but due to previous prioritization in development as well as the overrepresentation of apple devices in Norway, iOS got more attention.

Building a BYOD solution for Android is the reason they asked Shortcut to join the team. Senior Android Developer, Jaune Reinola and Developer Shah Zaib Muhammad joined Dignio’s international development team to build a soon to be launched native Android version - so keep your eyes open.

With fully functioning apps, Dignio will bring their solution to people in need faster than ever.


Click here to read more about ‘The Norwegian mobile phone market’ based on the research of Business Developer & Advisor Bjørn Fogh.

Culture impacts how companies deliver services

As Norway is a fairly small country population-wise, Dignio considers the United States, England, and other European markets to be very attractive in the future. However, Thomas had this to say about how culture impacts business.

“Norwegians have a high degree of trust towards their government and public entities, which in turn makes it more likely for solutions like this to succeed.”

Entering foreign markets will require different entry strategies. Additionally, countries like the U.S have strong market and political forces that may want to impose their will on how business is done.


As initially stated, the world is readier than ever to welcome new digital solutions that can ease the burden of overencumbered healthcare systems.

How Dignio allows us to share data and connect with our healthcare providers might change everything about how we approach health moving forward. The Coronavirus outbreak is testing us and Remote Healthcare Systems might be the best answer we have. 

Learn more about Dignio by watching this video:


*Shortcut is a proud supporter of the Health-Tech Dugnad and thrilled to be working with a partner like Dignio. This article is written based on an interview with Dignio’s Head of Engineering, Thomas W. Johansen and two of Shortcut’s Business Advisors, Dennis Høier Hoel and Sigurd W. Høystad.


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