Join us for Kotlin/Everywhere at Shortcut HQ in September

Marius Mårnes Mathiesen
Marius Mårnes Mathiesen | 6 August, 2019

At Shortcut we ❤️ Android just as much as iOS. Our Android developers love the flexibility and power of the Android platform, and as the design guidelines and possibilities on the platform have evolved a lot over the last years, working with Android has become ever more fun.

But there's one thing in Android which many of us don't particularly enjoy: Java. Yes, it is a performant language, the tooling is really good, and the experience of Java in Android is a lot better than in enterprise Java. And by pulling libraries into your project you can even get a decent level of expressibility in your code. But it still feels a bit baroque with all its boilerplate code and verbosity.

Kotlin to the rescue

Since Google announced that Kotlin was becoming a first class citizen on Android two years ago, we have been using Kotlin more and more in our Android projects. The transition has been fairly painless, but not without its challenges. Although Kotlin is highly compatible with Java, it is an entirely different programming language. And learning a new language involves training and a lot of practice.

In order to support developers in getting up to speed with Kotlin, JetBrains and Google have teamed up to deliver a series of community-driven events for developers wanting to learn Kotlin. The wonderful team at GDG Oslo is organizing these events in Oslo, and we at Shortcut are proud to sponsor a Kotlin/Everywhere event in Oslo on Tuesday September 10 at our office in Oslo.

At the event you will get an introduction to Kotlin, but more importantly you will get to write some code of your own with help from the instructors. The event runs from 5PM until 9PM, but there is a limited number of seats so you should register right away to secure your spot!

Click here to attend Kotlin/Everywhere on September 10




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