Shortcut & Cutters – Cutting time, costs and hair

An efficient hairdressing chain wants an efficient app

In June of 2019 Shortcut was invited by Cutters, the Nordic region’s fastest growing hairdressing chain, to help build an app for their customers. The Cutters service prides itself on efficiency, quality and price with their 15 minute haircuts for a set price, in stark contrast to other haircutters where the customer has to plan (and pay) a lot more. As they wanted us to help them to further cut time, costs and hair, our work started by trying to understand how an app could augment the customer journey by analyzing the existing customer journey.

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Mindsets that will improve your life as a software developer

When distilled, it often sums down to these two statements:

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Mobile App - New Year's Resolutions

As we begin a new decade, it is good to reflect on the one we have left behind. Over the last 10 years Shortcut has had the privilege to consult our customers on the design and development of over 200 mobile apps, and we are ready to help you set your Mobile App Resolutions for 2020. 

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Creating Onboarding Flow with MotionLayout

The Android platform offers the ability to completely customise components that are not available in the prebuilt widgets and layouts or modify some existing components to meet our needs. However, making apps more accessible with complex UI requires some additional effort and sometimes nearly impossible. Fortunately, the Android team are continuously working to help us resolve some of these constraints by adding new classes and support libraries to the platform, such as ConstraintsLayout

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How to revolutionize banking in 5 easy steps – what makes Bulder Bank different

There is a dichotomy in big companies where some people want change, while others want to keep things mostly as they are. Some people strive to find the next business opportunities and improve the user experience for their end users. Others find comfort in seeing that their numbers still seem solid.

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Shortcut is now a Google Cloud Partner  in Application Development

If you’re looking for advanced solutions and services in a particular area, look for a Google Cloud partner with a Specialization or an Expertise.

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The Norwegian mobile phone market: moving from gut feelings to facts

Being experts on mobile app, our partners and clients often ask us about the market shares of iOS and Android. There seems to be a general consensus about the percentage of users on each platform, but we wanted to have a look at some actual facts. Based on looking into analytics data for popular Norwegian apps used by more than 2.5 million Norwegians, here is what we discovered.

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Loyal customers & IDP in Google cloud

Industry: Food & Beverage

Location: Norway & Denmark

To provide customers the ability to stock their fridges more easily, Rema 1000 a leading Norwegian supermarket, is providing affordable prices each week to its potential 5 million-plus customers. Scaling with Google Cloud Platform to deliver more meals was the main criterion.

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More joy, less stress with apps from Telenor

Industries: Telecommunications & Technology

Location: Norway & Global Market

By using Google Cloud Platform services such as Kubernetes Engine and Cloud SQL, Telenor Group increased 100% uptime when delivering the most impact for the best value and lowest TCO. Since 2008 mobile devices have exploded, especially in the Nordics. Telenor Group with the help of Shortcut AS, built multiple apps using the Firebase and Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) to provide a highly scalable backend infrastructure to meet with the growing new demands.

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Join us for Kotlin/Everywhere at Shortcut HQ in September

At Shortcut we ❤️ Android just as much as iOS. Our Android developers love the flexibility and power of the Android platform, and as the design guidelines and possibilities on the platform have evolved a lot over the last years, working with Android has become ever more fun.

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