Shortcut & Cutters – Cutting time, costs and hair

Shortcut | 21 February, 2020

An efficient hairdressing chain wants an efficient app

In June of 2019 Shortcut was invited by Cutters, the Nordic region’s fastest growing hairdressing chain, to help build an app for their customers. The Cutters service prides itself on efficiency, quality and price with their 15 minute haircuts for a set price, in stark contrast to other haircutters where the customer has to plan (and pay) a lot more. As they wanted us to help them to further cut time, costs and hair, our work started by trying to understand how an app could augment the customer journey by analyzing the existing customer journey.

We started out by analyzing the current journey, and mapped out areas for improvement using various design research methods like interviews, exploratory research, user journey maps and more. During the initial approach to the case, our designer Ivy followed around her friend as she went to get her haircut at Cutters, observing her interactions with the various check-in systems and employees, and afterwards interviewed her about her experience. The key takeaway from our initial research was a deeper understanding of the ways the app could improve and supplement the customer journey, for example by being able to outline the pain points of the current journey.

A women entering a Cutters salon

Workshops and coffee

Workshopping ideas for the new Cutters appThrough workshops we got a deeper understanding of what we needed to make. Our comprehensive team with roles ranging from developers, project managers, a tech lead and a designer allowed for a range of perspectives during workshops to account for client and customer needs. We also had a few fun trips to Bergen where we visited the client and got insight into their strategic goals (the weather was actually OK!). After all was said and done there was a lot of potential, a lot of ideas, a lot of sticky notes and a lot of coffee involved.

Once we had all the ideas brewing (and more coffee), it was time to converge the information we had gathered by discussing business priorities, ways of working and technical solutions such as payment handling, app architecture, and more. We combined our observations with Cutters business requirements into a common product roadmap, and we were ready to start developing!

Design process

The next phase of the project included sketching, testing, prototyping, and of course - real development. As we had just started a new office in Bergen, we started to move the development of the apps to our team over there. This meant that if the client had some interesting insight, they could just walk over to us with it. Pretty soon, the long awaited MVP was ready for launch.

Gradually launching the app

Together with Cutters, we decided to first launch the Cutters app in the Netherlands, Sweden and Finland. This allowed us to get feedback directly from the customers on both the UX and the technical implementation, before launching in Norway with its largest customer base. We quickly learned that, A: people loved the simplicity of the app and B: things can always be improved and adjusted. After making some changes based on the customer feedback, we prepared for the big launch of the app in Norway by training of employees, further technical testing and marketing.

What could we β€œcut” next?

At the start of the new year we launched the app in Norway, and managed to get some amazing results: both the hairdressers and the customers seemed to love the app! After the initial onboarding you can get your hair cut with only a few taps. Did we mention how the process is at other hairdressers? You could think that we feel like we’re done, but we look at this as the beginning. By launching the app both Cutters and Shortcut have gotten a better understanding of how we can make the customer journey for the people in need of a haircut even better, as well as making the app help Cutters sell their products. We’re excited to see what Shortcut and Cutters can cut next.


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