100,000 DKK grant for your digital transformation

Kjersti Nygaard
Kjersti Nygaard | 7 September, 2020
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Digital transformation
Do you have ambitions to strengthen your company's growth and competitiveness through digital transformation? Are you in a small or medium-sized company that wants to become more or fully digitized?

If so, we’ve got breaking news for you: The Danish Business Authority just opened the next round of SMV’s digital EU funds to help companies like yours to advance with digitisation.

100,000 DKK in grants to support your business’ digitisation

Denmark has, through their ‘Strategy for Denmark’s Digital Growth”, dedicated 25 million DKK to support small and medium enterprises in Denmark with their digital processes through the ‘SMV:Digital’ initiative. You can apply for a 100,000 DKK grant to support your business’ unique digitisation strategy starting Monday September 16th, at 9:00.

What the SMV: Digital program can help you with

  • Networking
  • Data and security
  • Innovation sprint courses
  • Leadership and technology
  • Guidance on competition conditions.
  • Coaching and advisory sessions for your business

Let Shortcut Global help you get 100,000 DKK

Our passion is making our clients and future partners successful. We have the knowledge and experience to guide you through the SMV: Digital application process and increase your chances of securing the 100,000 DKK for your digitisation project.

We invite you to a non-committing conversation about your digitisation idea with the intention of strengthening your application.

Book a meeting here 👉 SMV:Boost Coffee Chat 

All you need to apply for SMV:Digital

  1. Review the application conditions here.
  2. Fill out the application template here.

What other opportunities are there to support our digital transformation?

Whenever we hear that someone is about to take action on their goals, we light up. Shortcut cares about your success and would love the opportunity to help you on your digitisation-journey.

So even if you're not looking to apply for the SMV-Boost grant, we’re eager to learn about you and your business, and how Shortcut potentially can be a partner in accelerating your success. Schedule a non-committing meeting 👉  here



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