Running gRPC on Google Cloud Run

Developed by Google, gRPC is a high performance, open-source universal RPC framework that uses HTTP/2 and protocol buffers. Google Cloud Run is a managed compute platform that enables you to run stateless containers on Google Cloud.

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Mobile App - New Year's Resolutions

As we begin a new decade, it is good to reflect on the one we have left behind. Over the last 10 years Shortcut has had the privilege to consult our customers on the design and development of over 200 mobile apps, and we are ready to help you set your Mobile App Resolutions for 2020. 

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Loyal customers & IDP in Google cloud

Industry: Food & Beverage

Location: Norway & Denmark

To provide customers the ability to stock their fridges more easily, Rema 1000 a leading Norwegian supermarket, is providing affordable prices each week to its potential 5 million-plus customers. Scaling with Google Cloud Platform to deliver more meals was the main criterion.

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Day 2 at Google Next

Day two has started and like yesterday, it is packed with new products and great news. The day started off with a keynote from Thomas Kurian, the new CEO of Google Cloud. And as yesterday the first thing on the agenda was Anthos and the advantages it gives. Alongside with Google Assistant coming to G Suite and new features in Google Cloud Platform, our big takes from this morning is what's coming next, so keep on reading.

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First day with Google at Next

The first day of Google Next has come to an end. What we take with us besides new partner advantages, great shows, and breakout sessions, is Anthos. We are really excited about it. The Google-employees and partners on the stage were really excited about it.

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