Hvordan velge riktig app- teknologi?

Native vs. Hybrid vs. Web
En guide til hva man bør tenke på når man skal lage en app

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Shortcut & Cutters – Cutting time, costs and hair

An efficient hairdressing chain wants an efficient app

In June of 2019 Shortcut was invited by Cutters, the Nordic region’s fastest growing hairdressing chain, to help build an app for their customers. The Cutters service prides itself on efficiency, quality and price with their 15 minute haircuts for a set price, in stark contrast to other haircutters where the customer has to plan (and pay) a lot more. As they wanted us to help them to further cut time, costs and hair, our work started by trying to understand how an app could augment the customer journey by analyzing the existing customer journey.

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Mobile App - New Year's Resolutions

As we begin a new decade, it is good to reflect on the one we have left behind. Over the last 10 years Shortcut has had the privilege to consult our customers on the design and development of over 200 mobile apps, and we are ready to help you set your Mobile App Resolutions for 2020. 

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