UX inspiration in Lisbon, day one

Shortcut | 28 May, 2019

Undoubtedly, User Experience (UX) is one of the most engrossing yet confusing tech terms. It was coined in the 1990s and wasn’t popular until ten years ago; and once it caught up, it spread like wildfire. Everything has become a user experience, and designers working with digital solutions have all somehow miraculously transformed into UX designers overnight.

UX is such an interdisciplinary concept that is fundamentally in a state of flux. That’s why it can come across perplexing and convoluting sometimes when a UX designer tries to explain it to others.

No wonder UX designers are a rare breed. You have to be creative, inquisitive, open-minded in order to stay relevant in the game. A holistic approach is a must. Getting to know what is happening around UX is simply essential. Yes, that’s why we, seven UX designers at Shortcut, decided to go to Lisbon to attend the UXLx, Europe’s largest UX training conference :-P

The UXLx is a 4 day conference that focuses on UX training. It’s jam-packed of interesting workshops and talks. Sponsored by Shortcut, we —Damon, Emily, Ivy, Mia, Riccardo, Sophie, Stievie — got ourselves the 3-day tickets and arrived in Lisbon on Tuesday.

Day one — Wednesday

The UXLX attracts UX talents from around the world. It’s an eye-opening experience to get to know people from different backgrounds working with UX across multiple disciplines. We also have the opportunity to work together with other participants in workshops. Never would we imagine we would solve problems and have discussions with people from Instagram, Facebook, Samsung and so many more under the same roof.

The first day of the conference is split into two three-hour workshops. Emily and Sophie went to LEGO Serious Play, which is “the best workshop ever” according to them. They learned about a methodology called Lego Serious Play through playing lego.

Ivy goes to Improv UX, which is all about empathy, trust, connection, listening, acceptance and more. It might sound like a couple's therapy, but it’s indeed about Improv UX, an innovative approach to combine UX with improvisation techniques.

Riccardo gets to learn some hands-on tips on skills and tips on giving, receiving, asking for, and acting on feedback in The Feedback Loop; while Stievie and Mia seek to explore intermedia interface design beyond traditional senses in Designing Across Senses.

We also get a chance to improve our storytelling skills with Brittney Dunkins in Strategic Storytelling, and get inspired to make games that can improve work environments in Service Experience Games.

The UXLx nicely captures the essence of UX — an extremely broad idea that encompasses so many areas of expertise and different stages of development. We end the day with a nice veggie dinner at restaurant Terra, ready for more inspiring workshops tomorrow.

Excited yet tired, and just a teensy bit hazy.



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