UXLx Day 2 - UX and Beyond

Shortcut | 3 June, 2019

What makes a conference good? If the conference makes you feel fulfilled, somehow challenged, and a little bit overwhelmed, we assume it’s probably a good sign.

Having all these feelings at once, we, seven UX designers at Shortcut, are making the most of our stay in Lisbon. We learn, we have exchanges of knowledge and experience with other UX talents, and we eat and drink.

Day 2 - More workshops

Like the first day, Thursday is all about collaborating with other participants to make something happen in the workshops.

Measure What Matters is a UX data boot camp, designed to help us craft best UX metrics. Augmented Reality is a playful workshop that lets us get some hands-on experience of creating AR prototypes. By introducing techniques like collective story harvest and world cafe, Dialogue Facilitation focuses on improving our communication skills as UX professionals.

Another highlight of today is Emotionally Intelligent Design, which demonstrates how computer vision and machine learning are used to create software and robots that understand human emotions. The workshop inspires to design this very connection and encourages a new way of thinking about interaction.

The most inspiring workshop of the UXLx 2019 goes to Diverse Teams by Faral Madzime. Educated in the UK, Madzime is a Zimbabwe-born UX designer that has worked in different countries and is currently working for Shopify in Canada. His workshop provides a platform to build better cultural awareness in multicultural, diverse work environments. It’s simply a wonderful and uplifting experience being able to take in so many different perspectives and opinions from such a diverse crowd in the workshop.

The work for today is finally done. We travel across the city to check out the creative hub LX Factory, a previously industrial area stretching under the stunning suspension bridge Ponte 25 de Abril. We treat ourselves some lovely food and drinks at O Lote to mark the end of our third day in Lisbon together with our new UX designer friends from Austria, Denmark, and Canada.


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