We're hiring in Denmark; Senior Mobile Developers

Posted by Kjersti Nygaard on 11. February 2021

We are looking for both Senior Android and iOS Developers in our Copenhagen office to experiment, code, and create solutions for our customers. You are the kind of developer who knows that merely writing good code does not guarantee a stellar product. You know iteration is key, and take pride in great test coverage, slick design, and sensible architecture.

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What does an app cost?

Posted by Jørgen Hessen Nordahl on 09. February 2021

Perhaps the question we get most often is “How much does an app cost”? And for good reason. Mobile is becoming the central nervous system of our connected lives. The latest figures tell us that we spend an increasing amount of time on the phone (smartphone that is) with the vast bulk on native apps. As COVID-19 has gripped the world, altered economics and transformed daily lives, one thing is  certain: we have all leaned on mobile to connect, work, learn, play and escape. At the height of the pandemic our mobile usage has sky-rocketed accelerating our transition into a mobile first world.

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Project Manager for Mobile Solutions

Posted by Kjersti Nygaard on 08. February 2021

We are looking for a Project Manager in our Copenhagen office to support the management in our digital solution and service projects. To manage our high-performance teams, we seek a person who is a natural leader of projects with a good grip on technical aspects and communicates at the same level as our designers and developers. Experience with native apps and mobile solutions is a plus. Your intuitive understanding of our client’s needs and requirements is highly valued. 

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We love app ratings - but why?

Posted by Shortcut on 04. February 2021


If you put an app in the app store, you will encounter the fun side effect that is ratings and reviews. There is no way of turning off this “feature” that tells you exactly what your users think of your solution. You can’t hide. And we love that. Why?

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QA Engineer who wants to help develop Denmark's best apps!

Posted by Kjersti Nygaard on 23. January 2021

Are you a teamplayer passionate about QA, good user experience, ensuring security, accuracy and a good flow in products? We are looking for a QA engineer with a burning commitment and zeal for the subject. You have an excellent technical understanding and have taken an active part in both organizing tests and testing apps during multiple IT projects. You are familiar with managing and preparing for test cases based on user stories. Furthermore you have a good understanding of different technology environments, documentation and high-quality test cases.

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13 Bachelor Students are joining Shortcut

Posted by Shortcut on 08. January 2021

We are starting 2021 strong by welcoming 13 students from Høgskolen Kristiania. In the next 5 months, these students will be writing their final bachelor project and solving industry problems working closely with us. Before we can reveal the projects and the companies they will be working with, we want you to meet our brave new arrivals, 3 student groups: Nerd Face 🤓, Space Invader 👾 and Race Horse 🐎.

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Shortcut acquires Greener Pastures

Posted by Marius Mårnes Mathiesen on 27. October 2020

We are delighted to share that Shortcut has acquired Danish app company Greener Pastures. Greener Pastures has 30 employees, and after the merger of the two companies into Shortcut Denmark will have 40 employees in Copenhagen and Bucharest. 

New colleagues hanging out at the office in Nyhavn

Rather than start this post with the hard facts about each company and our position in the market, we want to start out with what’s most important to us: our culture and what drives us when we get to work each morning. In our initial discussions we started out with each company showing the Keynote decks we use when we meet new clients. Who are we, what have we done, and what are we trying to achieve? Both Greener Pastures and Shortcut are app-first companies, built by founders with a vision of how apps will change and improve our lives. We had identical slides saying how important our craft is to us, the little details which makes all the difference in practice. And both companies see smartphones as the by far most relevant platform to create new products and get closer to the end user. On the end user’s terms. Our developers have strong opinions about the visuals of an app, and our developers are curious about what problem the app is trying to solve. 

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More joy, less stress with apps from Telenor

Posted by Zachery Olinske on 01. October 2019

Industries: Telecommunications & Technology

Location: Norway & Global Market

By using Google Cloud Platform services such as Kubernetes Engine and Cloud SQL, Telenor Group increased 100% uptime when delivering the most impact for the best value and lowest TCO. Since 2008 mobile devices have exploded, especially in the Nordics. Telenor Group with the help of Shortcut AS, built multiple apps using the Firebase and Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) to provide a highly scalable backend infrastructure to meet with the growing new demands.

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Loyal customers and IDP in cloud

Posted by Zachery Olinske on 01. October 2019


Industry: Food & Beverage

Location: Norway & Denmark

To provide customers the ability to stock their fridges more easily, Rema 1000 a leading Norwegian supermarket, is providing affordable prices each week to its potential 5 million-plus customers. Scaling with Google Cloud Platform to deliver more meals was the main criterion.

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What should your app icon look like?

Posted by Marius Mårnes Mathiesen on 27. August 2019
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