Loyal customers and IDP in cloud

Posted by Zachery Olinske on 01. October 2019
Zachery Olinske


Industry: Food & Beverage

Location: Norway & Denmark

To provide customers the ability to stock their fridges more easily, Rema 1000 a leading Norwegian supermarket, is providing affordable prices each week to its potential 5 million-plus customers. Scaling with Google Cloud Platform to deliver more meals was the main criterion.


Since 1979, REMA 1000 has offered customers all over the country a well-selected selection of good quality groceries at the lowest prices.

Rema 1000 in Norway consists of an HQ in Oslo, 14 regional offices and 6 distribution centers. The main tasks of HQ include joint marketing and purchasing, finance and IT as well as operations, establishment and key support functions. The basic values are the backbone of Rema 1000’s corporate culture. This is a set of values created through the company’s history that all employees in Rema 1000 live by every day.

One core value: The customer is our boss!


Rema 1000 has an app created by the assistance of Shortcut AS called Æ. This mobile app helps customers around Norway to achieve a discounts and personal loyalty features. This, in turn, helps the Æ mobile app the capability to provide an unprecedented chance to help the customers save more.

Rema 1000 handles ⅓ of the Norwegian population currently, but it’s important for Rema 1000 to maintain 100% uptime on the mobile app. As it provides knowledge about consumer behavior. To compensate, Rema 1000 sought to create a digital ecosystem as

both a point of contact with its customers and a foundation for an innovative, data-driven marketing strategy. For a solution, the company turned to Shortcut AS, their digital and technology partner.


Shortcut AS, the leading Nordic App develope, created a BigQuery-powered system capable of efficient data analysis. Using Google Cloud Platform’s BigQuery, the business analyst from Rema 1000 can store and analyze massive datasets in a fast, efficient, and affordable manner. Processing data in seconds, BigQuery makes data reports about consumer behavior and sales patterns easy to build an automated. 

Cloud Pub/Sub brings the flexibility and reliability of enterprise message-oriented middleware to the cloud. At the same time, Cloud Pub/Sub is scalable, durable event ingestion and delivery system that serves as a foundation for modern stream analytics pipelines.

With the infrastructure now on a stable platform, the project team could focus on optimizing the architecture in the second phase of the transition by replacing its original components with the suite of tools from Google. Shortcut AS, the leading Nordic App developer, replaced an on-premise solution with BigQuery-powered system capable of efficient data analysis. It brought Rema 1000 a highly available, reliable, and scalable IdP as a service built from scratch with GCP, which not only saved the company money but also provided a better connection to the end-users.

Cloud Storage established a more secure way to store important static assets such as pictures or customer invoices. Shortcut AS is in the process of working hand in hand with Rema 1000 to help the company redesign its application architecture into a reliable distributed system leveraging cloud-native concepts. Thus allowing for automatic up-scaling or down-scaling in response to traffic changes to maintain an optimal latency and billing cost.


Stackdriver Monitoring lets the business gain insight into what exactly was happening within the GCP resources and enabled the company to anticipate any problems that may occur. Shortcut AS then configured this setup with Slack and SMS for 24/7 alerting, which brought new transparency to the infrastructure.

  • Drive transparency with powerful monitoring features from GCP
  • Save on infrastructure cost by providing easy-to-use administration features
  • Reduced unplanned outages by over 90%

GCP Products

  • BigQuery
  • Stackdriver
  • Monitoring
  • Logging
  • Cloud Pub/Sub
  • Cloud Storage
  • App Engine
  • Firebase Auth
  • Cloud Memorystore
  • Firebase real-time database
  • Cloud Build
  • Cloud monitoring

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